The Glaston Group formed on 27 January 2004 as a group of eleven concerned and active Glastonbury residents who began to explore and listen to how the town could provide better services for pilgrim visitors and become more cohesive for those living in Glastonbury. The group acts as a catalyst, working with others where possible, to help provide ideas, visions and potential and practical help.

The principal keynotes are:

  • Information – expanding existing information about Glastonbury and making it more accessible
  • Networking – putting people and groups in touch with each other
  • Gatherings and Meetings – occasional events and get-togethers when it is appropriate providing a forum for interesting speakers and giving active residents in the town a chance to share and meet others informally
  • Publications – providing and distributing small informative booklets about Glastonbury.

Helping Glastonbury to come into its own is an exciting project. If you would like to be involved or kept informed of the work of The Glaston Group, please get in touch with us by giving details of your own areas of interest and where we may contact you.

The Glaston group has an email list of like-minded people. We are not “an organisation” but act as catalyst to help people and groups via ideas and facilitating networking. So, if you have a need for inspiration and possibly some help, send an email. We may know of someone, or a group, to put you in touch.

The Glaston Group is concerned that Glastonbury is being used for a Somerset County Council trial of a town-wide WiFi system. Please click here for more info

Details of the background to the formation of the group on the next page.

For more information about Glastonbury visit Glastonbury Online and Isle of Avalon